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Pickup Trucks: Should You Help Your Friends Move?

In the name of helping you — we'll assume you have a pickup truck — make good decisions, we're passing along information we found valuable. You know that owning a pickup truck comes with a certain amount of responsibility and obligation — certainly, some of your friends will want you to believe that.

But we don't want you to feel guilty about owning a pickup and saying no to folks who may try to convince you to misuse your four- or six-wheeled partner.

Yes, we're talking about friends and family who are moving and assume that you'll be happy to assist because you own a pickup. That's why we're sharing this graphic, created by Spork Marketing for ThrottleDownKustoms. These are the questions to ask yourself when friends and family try to commandeer your pickup for moving duty.


Infographic created for ThrottleDownKustoms

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