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Custom Publishing Solutions

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The TCA Specialty Products team of experienced editors, writers and designers will work with you to create custom-ordered revenue-generating opportunities that strengthen your marketing position and satisfy the demands of advertisers and readers. We offer sophisticated content solutions for newspaper special sections and classified sections, as well as niche publications aimed at specific readers and advertisers.

Whether you need a single story to fill a space on a job listings page, a group of stories and images on weddings or a complete home-garden section, our content-on-demand service can fulfill custom orders on your schedule.

Our team will help you brainstorm ideas, create new products or freshen up existing ones. We can localize content, generate cover stories and offer thousands of fully edited articles that will fit your budget and eliminate the need for costly freelancers. We also supply stock images, cartoons, illustrations, graphics and puzzles.

We offer content on 16 topics, including cars, food, health and fitness, home, holidays, parenting, personal finance and others — and can fill requests for virtually any subject you need.

TCA Specialty Products also can quickly turn around high-quality page designs tailored to your publication's specific print dimensions. Our material can be used in print or online.

To get started, call (312) 222-5964 or fill out a request form.